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MidWest Connect
Pilot Report

Please file your Report Carefully checking that all feilds are filled.

Please fill this out completely:

Pilot Name

Date of Completion of Flights:

Have you completed all 5 of your Flights?

Yes, I have flown all 5 Flights

MidWest Connect Service Flown For:

MidWest Connect Airlines
MidWest Connection
MidWest Connect Cargo

What Aircraft Did you Fly in (Take in account of the Airline)

MidWest Connect Airlines MD-80 N/A N/A
MidWest Connection Dash 8-100 Jetstream 31 Canadair Regional Jet
MidWest Connect Cargo N/A N/A N/A

If you check more than one please clear form

Please fill out the required information asked in each feild about each flight and the questions that follow:

Flight #1
Flight #2
Flight #3
Flight #4
Flight #5

Hours Flown for Flight Segment:

Hours Flown total for MidWest Connect (Estimate):




By Continuing on with this Report, you are implying that you have flown the required flight minimums and have flown the correct flights with the correct aircraft type.



Normally you will recieve your next set of flights near the first of the month on our Flight Schudule. If you wish to recieve your flights early, click the box and tell us why


Please rate our service:

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Comments about our service or anything you wish to ask or suggest:

By submiting this form you agree to the MidWest Connect Terms and Conditions.

Please clear the Report if multipul selections are made before sending. Thanks.

MidWest Connect Virtual Airlines Division
Mike Schulte
Page last revised: May 13, 1999

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