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-MidWest Connect Terms and Conditions-

Please read this page carefully before you join MidWest Connect

  1. ALL MidWest Connect Pilots are required to read these Terms and Conditions and to follow them accordingly. These Terms and Conditions are also subject to change. So check this page often!
  2. At least one PIREP must be submitted each calendar month to ensure you are not removed from the flight roster.
  3. All flight times for MidWest Connect MUST be submitted to MidWest Connect. This will include your training flight time (5 Flights of Training).
  4. Pilots MUST complete their 5 Flights Per month. After a Pilot has turned in PRIEP, they must wait till around the first of the month to recieve their next set of flights, unless specified in the Pilot Report.
  5. MidWest Connect Pilots are responsible to complete there own work and to promote a clean, peaceful environment. If you are situated in the zone flying for MidWest Connect, you must act in a manner that is acceptable to all zone members. MidWest Connect Members are also asked to report any problems by contacting this email address.

  6. Please DO NOT send in applications or Pilot Reports with only one flight on it. If you do, you will be warned and then if further problems persist, you will be removed from the pilot roster.

  7. MidWest Connect is not responsible for delayed services.

  8. Any pilot found to be deliberately recording false flight times will be instantly removed from the MidWest Connect roster.
  9. Complaints should only be addressed to Mike Schulte who will view and deal with them accordingly.


These rules and regulations can and will be amended and added to by the MidWest Connect management without prior notice. It is in the interest of the pilot to keep him or her self updated with the current rules and regulations. Ignorance will not be accepted as an excuse.


If you feel you have been miss understood, please send an e-mail to us immediately and notify us of your situation.