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ATC Chatter
The Ultimate Sound Utility for Flight Simulator 98

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Flight Simulator 98

ATC Chatter Version 1.0
ATC Chatter Version 1.1
(Version 1.1 must be downloaded at FlightSim.Com for now, until I get more web space.)

Combat Flight Simulator

Radio Chatter Version 0.1 American (Trial Version)
Radio Chatter Version 0.1 German (Trial Version)
Radio Chatter Version 0.1 RAF (Trial Version)

Try at your own risk!

-ATC Chatter News-

Work on ATC Chatter Has begun:  March 8, 1999
First Version of ATC Chatter Released:  March 18, 1999
Work on ATC Chatter Version 1.1 has begun:  March 21, 1999
Trial Versions of Radio Chatter for CFS released:  May 6, 1999
Work on CFS Radio Chatter Version 1.0 Begun:  May 12, 1999
ATC Chatter Version 1.1 Released:  May 18, 1999
Work on ATC Chatter Version 2.0 Has begun: May 18, 1999

ATC Chatter Is Made Possible By:
Without these people, ATC Chatter would not be possible. So give them a message or visit their site.

Nicolas Servian -
Mike Schulte -
Ian Mauger -

Information on ATC Chatter Version 2.0

We are in the process of creating ATC Chatter 2.0 (Which will be FREE). It will be
totally different and also very cool! We plan to have it
interact with the pilot and maybe even voice activate it! Yes,
you heard me right! Voice Activation! We also hope we can make
it so you can either enter a number or voice, and the ATC
Chatter will respond to your request by playing a WAV and then
it will answer back with the approprate message!

To make this happen, e-mail me if you are interested in programing
this or just would like to see how you can help. We are hard at work
and can't wait till it's release!

We are looking for People who can help us create a Program that makes ATC Chatter Interactive! If you know of anyone or would like to help out yourself, contact me.


ATC Chatter Version 3.0

This will be the first ATC Chatter for Flight Simulator 2000! We hope to have this file out ASAP after the release of FS2000.