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To Microsoft Fs team

From: Coco
Date: 19 May 1999
Time: 16:46:45


Hello, Fs MUST HAVE a "follow me" car, dock with the gate while fuel trucks and coaches drive up and "interact" with dynamic traffic. After "servicing", "Pushback Tugs" push aircraft back and aircraft "start engines" and taxi out and take-off at their scheduled times.Each gate must have light(red,green)etc...

2- When need a real ATC system.

3- Adding environment sound will be more realistic flight,when we see other plane or dynamic object we have no sound here, just image. Ex:Sound of planes in dynamic scenery,truck,water,winds.Just 5 or 10 samples (*.WAV) will make a big difference.

4- We also need real 3dfx smoke system for the engine.Ex:When we look the plane we will see smoke trail.Each plane have to be more realistic landing.When a plane land,the MOVING WHEEL MUST have a little 3dfx grey smoke with realistic skid marks!

5- The Weather (Rain,Snow,Hails) must covered the ground,plane and the runways.When the weather is bad (snow or rain),the cockpit view change and you need to start you Wiper to see co'rrectly.

6- The old Satellite texture,have to go!!.This is A MUST for Fs 2000,New water color,the angular rivers,have to go!!.THE same or new satelitte photo like Fs Combat will The Best sim EVER!!!!

7- Must have 3D volumetric clouds up to 3 cloud layers and altitudes, min of Four varieties of cloud formations (few, scattered, broken, overcast) Volumetric effects.

8- A Real Sun effect.

9- We also need a real MOVING WATER with different water color depending the area,and a splash effect in the coast,specially when the plane crash or land on it.

10- Plane=Beeter Sound,wiper,texture,moving wheel,Passenger view,real smoke.

11- More Busy Dynamic scenery.

12- A real dusk,day,dawm,night sky color



Last changed: June 16, 1999