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Improved Sound, Passenger Views & Flight Management Required

From: Gopi Rajaseharan
Date: 14 Apr 1999
Time: 09:55:29


Although the sounds are good in FS98, I think Microsoft should spend time on sound as much as they do on graphics. This is especially true when a aircraft slows down for Final Approach and Landing. Somehow, I get the feeling that sound is repeated for FA&L. In the Cessna, I want to be able to hear (atleast at low engine RPM) strong winds buffet against the craft. Weak sounds of thunder in heavy weather in the Cessna would be VERY realistic, too. (Optional)Passenger views of the area around the wings is a great experience for those who love to watch the flaps move up and down. I would like to see this ability. (Optional)Also a view of the ground/airport facilities over the wings as the aircraft touches down will be VERY realistic. It would also be useful to view some basic Flight Management information (I would probably set this up in a separate monitor). Besides all these, I think that Microsoft has done an excellent job with the Flight Simulator series. Thanks.

Last changed: June 16, 1999