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Suggestions for FS2000

From: Dave
Date: 31 Mar 1999
Time: 16:04:40


- I have never seen a B737 wobble so much when it goes overhead the VOR and tries to lock on a new O/B radial....gotta mke it more realistic! - We need RNAV,INS, and/or GPS in the cockpits...this flying from VOR to VOR is for the birds! - desperately need ATC transmissions in the new one! - the rwy selections on ATIS must be in sync with the WINDS! One day I put in winds 240/30G40 kts, only to have the ATIS tell me that rwy 06 was in use! No airline pilot without suicidal tendencies would accept this for T/O! - need checklist without stopping the sim....PLEASE??? more realsitic ones too..........I.E.,,if we don't follow it..the plane DOES NOT fly!

Last changed: June 16, 1999