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Re: Here's a long one!

From: Haydz
Date: 18 Mar 1999
Time: 23:26:35


I agree 110% with Mike. A brave man to say such moving words. Cough,Cough.

And now for my say...

Passangers What the hell happened to the passangers. Where did they all go? Did they die off? There should be VIRTUAL PASSANGERS.That would be cool. I real life, there are such things as hostages, hold ups, medical emergencies, doing 007 Stunts, (maybe thats going a bit too far,) but if these were a part of flying, it would liven things up. I feel like im flying alone. I had to install GPWS off to get some sort of realism, (and a co pilot)

Sounds Adding on to Mikes comments, I think they should include 3D HIFI Sounds to enhance the experience. Listening to mono sounds is not real. I dont know about you but i have two, yes TWO ears and they are designed to hear STEREO sounds. My ears love to hear stereo sounds. I had to download heaps of reproduced stereo sounds. I know i thing for sure i would like to get in my Flight sim package and that is more than one CD. I would like to get maybe 3 or 4. And definalty include REDBOOK audio. This enhances the any game.

To live or not to live... What happened to special effects. Thats part of a life like Sim Eg. I would like to see the plane catch alite, burn, fry, char, simply put Suffer. Exspecially when you crash into a building, another plane, car Etc. Not just split in the seams and full hap hazardly on to ground and then Poof your back on the runway. Thats not real.

Thankz for hearing me out.

Last changed: June 16, 1999