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From: Jon
Date: 13 Mar 1999
Time: 13:13:35


I think in FS2000 Should have many more planes like famed ones like the the C-102 jetliner the first jetliner to fly in north America built by Avro Canada in the 50's and what is with the seanery all the buildins on the ground are flat i think the sould have some detail to them like sreet light that stand tall and hydro wires and there should be sport places like golf cources and sky dome should be open ones in a while and there should be littel airports like straford and goderich Ontario.thier should be airshows that you can perticipate in and you cane fly in acrobat squadrens like the blue angels or the canadian Snowbirds.and i think you should be abel to go forwered and back in time like to WW1 and WW2. thanks

Last changed: June 16, 1999