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Re: Here's a long one!

From: Mines longer! haha
Date: 08 Mar 1999
Time: 21:56:42


Before I gabber too much....DID YOU KNOW THAT THERE IS INFORMATION ABOUT FLIGHT SIMULATOR 2000 ON THIS SITE!? Yet, still people about a twin engine plane and ect.. ------------------ Sorry for people who didn't mean this but it kinda got me in the gut. ------------------ Anywho... I'm glad that fs2000 Will have better aircraft controls and junk, but what we need is no new planes...but rather...a plane designer. Hopefully they just forgot to include this into their Press Release!

Example for the plane designer: You start off with a selection of plane bodies. Like a list with cessna, piper, commander, pilatus, lear jet, hawker, mooney, boeing, heli's, and ect.

Then, you pick the colors, or you can paint them with a brush like in paint shops.

Also, have the ability to download the aircraft bodies from the internet, because im sure microsoft can't include hundreds of planes and flight dynamics...ect. People can make them off the Plane designer.

Then, after choose engines, tires, icing systems, radars, lighting, ect.

After that, you can make the panel any way you like it by draging nobs and dials and crap to a spot and you can also paint this too.

Then you work on other little details, seats, carpet!, ect...


Also i like that thing about suxs to run into the grass because you can't see your way!

Another thing, when i fly, its awfull dark! Sometimes i don't know which ways up if i don't look at my gyro! HELP! Add brightness above big cities...kidda of a yellow orangeish color in the sky. And also, just sick a bunch of buildings farms and houses in the country and houses and factories in the city...and if you wish, have the ability to edit the buildings and move them, paint them, delete them, add them....basicly a scenery designer!

One thing i would like to see....More detailed cities if there is not a scenery designer or scenery from the internet is fast and not sooooo slloooooowwwww!

Hum...alot needs added to about DYNAMIC SCENERY!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Birds, Autos, Planes, Jets, Helis at hospitals and around highways, Military.

Better Chat box for that doesn't get in the way....sound would be nice...but text that small in the corner or something would be fine.

Also for multiplayer would be nice is a control tower! SWEAT! Then you could direct planes everywhere! And tell the stupid zone to have a room especially for that! Also a needed is the ability to boot players that dont respond and stuff or don't do as you tell them. Like if you hit boot once it shows them "WARNING, Please follow Tower Orders or be Booted!" Then if they don't get better, they get wammoed! maybe also a way to pre-type messages and set them = to a key and when you hit the key(example F1) it displays a message to someone! If you really wanted it neat, you could include a radar screen and a way to give people squak numbers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SWEATNESS!!!! Also, maybe more than 8 can play at a time..this is a must...have like a world multiplayer thing where you just goin one huge game! Find you own airport and fly there or try to be in the crazy megis where everyone pops up....(hint to resolve this is to start them off near the terminal.) Also, you can be a brave soul and try to control Chicago O'Hare!!!!Maybe have more than one person to help too.

A needed is a hilly terrain..please. The worlds not flat and i like it hilly.

Also, in the deserts, maybe you could have heat rising off the mountains and exaust comming out of the engines! And baggage carts, fire trucks, food carts, people moving planes, and if you run into a plane....YOU CRASH! Also, you have to wait to takeoff behind planes depending if the airport is busy. And, example, at atlanta, there is mostly delta and at pheniox, you see mostly America West. The airports need to be alive! Or at least help designers to create scenery that looks good and moving stuff and baggage....that way you can just download it....maybe even a web page where you can download manuals or print them.

How about boats?

How about gray days at Port Columbus Ohio? With a light dusting of snow on the ground or a sloopy mush. Maybe if it snows, you see the little trucks franticly shoveling the runways and maybe the airports get closed or flights delayed and what about airline strikes? Thats a daily routine in todays aviation world! (haha)

I do have one question:

I have CH Pro Pedals and they don't work like real pedals. Why?


I also like that idea, who ever said that, where you start an airline! COOL! i would start it in Nantucket...but thats just me! That would be cool and if you don't have good service, you don't make money and if you crash alot people don't fly on your airline and if you buy to much you go bankrupt and someone buys you out or something! This would be GREAT for Virtual Airline's!

Also, what about a way to play things like land you plane after the wing falls off with out killing too many people and your score gets posted on the internet and you try to beat people! That would be cool and maybe people could create senerios and see if anyone can beat them! That would be cool and maybe people could have web pages and were they give you hints and things too and tips and maybe more senerios.

Also, i like the thing where you get pushed back...thats cool! I would be like the former Valu Jet and get pushed back soo fast they almost flip!

Well, i think this might be the longest thing here but i hope its worth reading....Goo luck wit FS2000 and FS2002 and future versions to come...see ya

Last changed: June 16, 1999