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Re: Flight Sim 2k

Date: 06 Mar 1999
Time: 03:41:17


Make FS into a game? make your own airlines? earn planes? pardon me but I think that is just plain stupidity!. Id rather have microsoft work on the scenery. This is what I think needs to be improved. DRAMATICALLY! Anywa, if you want to see other planes and recieve REAL LIVE ATC, why not join the SATCO system huh? we have over 6,000 users, and grow by about 150 per week! This way you get REAL ATC from REAL people, who can actually see you on radar! And you can see other planes! loads and loads of 'em, they are actually other people! not just some machine pilots. So what im trying to say is, dont worry about making FS into a GAME, or making ATC, cause thats just not gonna work. You guys are Microsoft, cant you get the scenery and planes better than they are? I agree with the roads having cars. Rain, working windshield whipers. An how about making the Airports come to LIFE! add fuel trcuks, people, gate marshallers, other airplanes, baggage cars, etc. thats all i have to say. And if anybody is interested in making flightsim98 a whole better, join SATCO. their website is go take a look at that!

Last changed: June 16, 1999