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From: Drew
Date: 19 Feb 1999
Time: 16:06:28


When you crash into the ground or a building, your plane doesn't break into nice little peices, it Breaks in to millions of peices with body parts and seats and peanuts and the building should get damaged too, its not made out of granite. MS should fix that and when you need to do an emergency landing, you shouldn,t just crash if you try to belly land the plane, there should be sparks and shrapnol and smoke..etc. Also, dynamic scenery thats actually DYNAMIC is a must. They need luggage trucks and food trucks, and those police guys on the golf carts. The radios need to be activated by a button on the keyboard instead of stopping then going to the communications or nav menu.

Some of the airports are wrong to, like John Wayne for example. I live RIGHT NEXT TO IT and it is not an inch away from the ocean, there is like 5 cities between it and the ocean. Bill Gates has enough money, Im sure he could just move a finger while sitting on his golden microsoft throne, and it'd all be done. But the fingers in his nose most of the time. There are TOO MANY problems with FS that it should be called FWBWTDI Flight The Way Bill Wants To DO IT.

And one last thing, there should be a program included when you by the game that automatically downloads the plane your using to people on a multiplayer game so People dont see your B-52 as a Cessna!

Last changed: June 16, 1999