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Re: Flight Sim 2k

From: Russ
Date: 04 Feb 1999
Time: 19:47:50
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There should be lots of planes lots and lots more planes and some better adventures would be nice like how bout maybe something like a military area where you could use missles and weapons and bombs and reinact some famous air wars recent and past not just the old WW2 stuff that you had in the older Flight SIM and you should add liek maybe a few more helicopters like chinooks and it be cool to be able to make your own aircraft right in the game and ONE REALLY REALLY IMPORTANT ASPECT WOULD BE NO SPEED RESTRICTIONS OR ALTITUDE RESTRICTIONS IF WE CAN DESIGN HIGHER UNREALISTIC AIRCRAFT LET IT BE UP TO THE USER WETHER OR NOT TO USE THEM and yeah I understand that it couldn't reach on forever but you could just have a few orbits and another thing that would be nice is SOME AIR TRAFFIC yeah you know like when you come into NEWARK and don't have to wait wow what a nice world that would be WELL I WANT REAL I like those holding patterns waiting to see others take off its a challenge landing at busy airports and passing a plane now and then never hurt any of us so theres my comments hopefully we'll get some positive changes cuase flight sim is increasing greatly in the aspects of Visual Relism but NOT in the airways i mean I might like to fly the space shuttle for rentry JUST LIKE IN real LIFE we can go Faster then mach 3 i mean i don't like MY SR71 falling apart at Mach 2.5 shaking like a crate and going into a flat spin and going crazy at 100,000 feet i mean I would love to just imagaine once im in the so called Aurora project flying cuase ieven if it does or doesn't exist thats the closest Id most likely ever get to it so please add some of these changes

Last changed: June 16, 1999