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From: Downing
Date: 04 Feb 1999
Time: 19:44:48
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I think MS should keep the progression going with the FS series. The jump from FS95 to FS98 was great, people said wow! Now wow us again, I mean really wow us! Some things I would like to see: 1) WEATHER!!!! actual downloadable current weather conditions. (Cloud textures need a lot of work also, No more blocky clouds, we want the good ol puffy stuff. And fix those Cumulonimbus clouds, thunderstorms are supposed to be scary not funny). 2) DAMAGE PROFILE!!!! You did it with CFS now do it with FS2000. If I have an emergency and one of my main landing gears doesn't drop and lock I want to be able to make a one wheel landing, I want the engine fires, I want the hydraulic failures. I want the belly landings. Somthing else Please don't make explosions look cheesy, If I make a belly landing I want to see the prop get crushed or the wing take damage. 3) GPS!!!! I'm sure you guys are planning on putting this in there but I figured I would mention it. 4) Flight Planner, and Aircraft and Panel utility!!!! You guys stress the fact that FS is strongest because of the ability to import and make your own aircraft and panels and it is, but make it even easier, It would be nice to have a sim that would allow you to build and modify any aircraft you want with a easy to use utility. You would really sell them like hotcakes then!

5) ATC!!!!! I realize that it would be impossible to include actual ATC to every city in the FS scenery, but don't ya think you could put radio chatter in there for some of the major cities (it would be nice to interact with ATC or other aircraft) I'm not talking about just in the adventures either. I'm talking about regular ol free flight or multiplayer. One thing I miss the most is flying around and not hearing anything, like Im up there alone. Lets see the other aircraft and be able to hear them as well.

Well, thats about it for me, I hope this gets read along with the others and you actually pay attention to what we, the simmers/consumers, want. thanks,

Last changed: June 16, 1999