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From: Jeff Man
Date: 04 Feb 1999
Time: 19:49:16
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Back for the 4 time...wait, maybe this is my 5th?

Hey, you know what would be cool if Microsoft included into Flight Simulator 2000 would be? Birds! I mean, the kind you could fly into and shred up and have the engine sputter and spit out feathers. This could be a really cool Challenge, where you have to land your plane, or jet without crashing after running into a flock of Canada Geese!

Also, I think a thing they absolutly need in Flight Simulator 2000 is a advanced Aircraft maker (scenery maker, ect could be added too) where you can detail your aircraft extremely well and make it as real as posible... Why would we want to still be stuck with the same tecnology from 10 years ago with Flight Shop Generated Aircraft! This is a MUST!

If I could see 3 features on FS2k, they would be...

1) Better Cockpits - With real looking glass, lights, spinning prop, engine controls, yoke, radios, maybe even A/C and Heater controls! Why not? Also one thing would be kinda need would be a hand on the yoke and when you move your joystick, the yoke moves and so does the hand, and when you click on radios and stuff, the hand moves and turns them or what ever! That would be cool.

2) Real Scenery - Well, I was impressed with the ammount of airports in fs98. But y do we still have the same textures as we did in versions 5 years ago! There are satilies...heck, bill's got enough money to launch a freekin' gps satilite thing and you hook up to the internet and when you fly, it updates the if a car is on the road, it moves! Thats got to be in his pocket range...84 billion, hey, that would only be a dollar to me! COME ON BILL! lol What about dynamic scenery, all over the world!!!!!!!

3) Although Bill probally will not launch this billion dollar satilie, we could incorporate some ATC and chatter in all flight that can be turned off. So when you want to land, you dont just land..except if you turn the ATC off, and if you dont corporate, you loose your lisence for a, you can fly for a day or something, unless you turn it off so that if you dont comprehend, you dont get your lisence terminated. OH, and please, don't do this in text!!!!!!

Last changed: June 16, 1999