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Flight Sim 2k

From: Flymike000
Date: 04 Feb 1999
Time: 19:48:26
Remote Name:


Oh yeah....

You know what would be neat?

If when you are flying a jet, a little karosine comes out of the engines and when you gain speed a little vortex forms from the wings...but make this look real....not just like a line.

Real sounds that are really loud!!!

Also, maybe some ice on the windshild and plane body! that would be cool!

And when it rains, make the rain disapear on faster aircraft when its at a certain speed! that would be cool.

------------------------------------------------------------------------- I still think fs2k needs to be more fun for everyone...not just pilots in general. What about CFS....a lot more people play that on the zone than fs98...i think that if more people had fs2k and there was a way to play a game on the internet, not just fly, like a war, or race, rescues, ect..., that would get more people to fly with. That way there is more than 13 people in the Flight Simulator game room! Actually, i would like to see microsoft get rid of the zone...its too unreliable. Make a easier way. like 3 clicks and your flying! -------------------------------------------------------------------------

Also, what about hilly land and moving objects everywhere! that would be cool.

What about some better lighting, like in Need For Speed III! that would be cool!

Also, maybe some way you can edit your engine and get it repaired... -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Maybe a mode where you fly a airline and you have too buy planes and hire people to work for you. You pick the airport, the gas, if you want to join with another airline, routes, citys (if the city doesn't really need a airline then you dont make much. You get info on what citys are maybe good and who will give you good deals.)airplane (airplanes later, maybe jets latterer!) expencines....then you have to decide if you are going to go or no go if the conditions are bad. And if you crash or one of your other pilots crashes, you get sued and loose money or you loose planes and they get dammaged! and you have to repair them and you could get your own Lowl Mather like on the show WINGS!!!!!!!!! THIS WOULD BE REALLY COOL! Manage your own airline! who ever would think of that....hopefull Microsoft is on that one! -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please post your comments about this on this page...any ideas! thanks! -------------------------------------------------------------------------- One thing i have to say about the menus and help is that i would like it if there was no viedo and really cheesey menus that way, you can put more time into the game....i mean, really, how may people would like to see really detailed menus instead of the actual game? NONE!!!!!! Don't be like Need For Speed and make this huge video (Practally movie!) and really detailed menus...they are nice, but not really nessary! Also, put the help in the text book like in the old fs's. Also, online help is good to. Just realy brief help in the game should be added.

Well, ill probally be back the like 7th see ya in the mean time. Bye!

Last changed: June 16, 1999