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Here's a long one!

From: Mike
Date: 04 Feb 1999
Time: 19:40:14
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AIRCRAFT - It would be nice if Microsoft would make the aircraft more beefy...i mean, so that they don't feel like a paper plane! We want real flight dynamics and they dont really need to be tested by Cessna companys or whatever...just make them super detailed and functional and realistic! Also, we dont need more aircraft...we can download them off the net..just have a Military Jet, a 737, and cessna, a lear jet, heli, and twin engine. That would be fine...then people can build off these flight models.

COCKPITS - I would like to see some glass cockpits with every control in them. Even if it means to put fuse boxes!!! I mean...i really dont think a lear jet only has about...what is there, like 20 buttons! Try over a hundred! Also, i agree with mike when he said that it would be neet to see the propeller and maybe a hand on the yoke. Also, maybe have the nose visable (especially if the propeller is) and have smoke and rain or clouds hit the windshield....maybe even if you run over a person...make blood hit the windshield....make the windsheild like in CFS, but in the cockpit, you can actually tell your in a glass cockpit.

SCENERY - Well, this should be the main focus of Flight Simulator 2000 because fs has been using the same textures as they have like 6 years ago i think! What about rolling terain and smooth transitions from city to complete farm land! This is a must! Also, im getting sick of the buildings in fs98....they all look the same and were in the world do buildings look like that? Perfectly square? Ok, whatever....i would like to see a large variety of buildings....PLEASE! Also the roads could use some help! Put cars on them that actually move around and travel off the highways and move to the main roads! that would be cool! But at least make them look like roads...not just gray lines that are perfectly straight! See below for more information about what i in a scenery designer for fs2000.

DYNAMIC SCENERY - Where did everyone go? Was the world nuked? Did we all leave the world in search of a better place? Mars? Seriously, what happened to everyone....we would love to see planes at every single airport! Birds in the sky, cars, busses, trucks, fuel trucks, baggage trucks, jets, gliders, skydivers, boats, people, animals, geese on the runways, smoke, and ect... Really, everyone i think would like to see life on the Fs world...EVERYWHERE! NOT JUST AT MEIGS! EVERYWHERE ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH....EVEN THE SPACE SHUTTLE TAKEING OFF, and you can try to chase it! Let there be smoke that blows acordingly to the wind direction! Thats a must.

COMMUNICATIONS - Did all the controlers die? Where did they all go? Are we now in a world that everyone just can tell when someone is landing? We really neeeeeed ATC and ATC Chatter. Not just in the Adventures, but in free flight! And make the radio's actually work with the chatter...and have like number 1 on your keyboard as the taxi clearence, 2 as takeoff, 3 as something...ect...this is a must...and please try to put everything on the keyboard...i dont like pausing my flight, going to a menu, selecting the right button and then go back to flying....its just not real.

MULTIPLAYER - I too would rather not go on the zone...its just not easy. First you have to log on the internet, then go to the page, then log onto the zone, then go to the chat room, then find a flight, then wait till someone launches, then your computer crashes, and you do the process over and over! Ok, heres the way i would like it. 1. You launch FS2000. 2. You click on multiplayer. 3. It connects to the internet. 4. It takes you to a screen that shows you all the games, chat boxes, different rooms, options, mute buttons, people list, room list, and especially help written on the screen for newbies! I hate when people ask and ask, how do i do this? Put it right on the screen and there will be no problems asked! Also, mute out bad language...and have the ability to have friends and have fast connections and different game modes as explained latter in this article.

FUN FOR EVERYONE - "Hey, whats that game?" "Oh, don't play that game, its not really your type." "What is it though?" "Its a flight game." "OH cool! Can you bomb people and blow them up?" "No." "Oh." Are you sick of this? Wouldn't you like to see a ton of people have fs? I would. I think you need more things like this.... -How about some shoot em up style mode? It doesn't have to be pretty, but just something to attract those "i only buy the killer games only" people. -Also, how about what Mike said...a way you can own your own airline thing, but you have to start it out as a little charter service and grow (hopefully) and become a large airline! and if you crash one of your flights, you die and loose the game! That would be really fun! -What about some challenges like what mike said again...A flight where you just hit a flock of canada geese and you have to land a 747 or something without killing a certain amount of people. Also what about engine failures and system failures and you have to do certain things like in that Quantis show where the hydrolics blow up and they have to put a bunch of water in the plane to lower it to go down...and if you complete a certain amount of missions, you get a new plane or you get something really cool, like your own hangar where you can put whereever you want like at your own airport, or something...and you can post your score on the internet and people try to bet your score! that would be really cool!

TOOLS - Well, we have had the same aircraft for a while and they are not very good. We need planes with thick wheels and working lights and real cockpits, ect! How about a thing where you can make your own planes and scenery. The plane maker could be really simple and easy to use. You can edit a existing model or make a new one! You can paint it as easy as just picking colors and maybe like a brush and you paint on it...make lines with a ruller and working lights and wheels and propellers and flaps and stuff! How neet the world would be. Now for the scenery designer. How about you see a map and the runways with the buildings and you can move them around, edit the buildings, paint objects, insert other things, make dynamic objects, vor's, ect... and when your done, all you do is hit Update Flight Simualtor Scenery. And also when you get scenery off the internet, all you do is just insert it into the scenery maker and it does the work for you. and if you get stuck, you can go to an online help with FAQ's and Message Boards with help on everything. This is a must!!!!! Then people can fly over their homes and stuff! Also, have the ability to make your own object...take a picture of your house and then insert it into fs and it looks just like your house!!!!!!!! Cool Beans!

EASY DOWNLOADS - How about a thing that downloads things and searches the entire net for new tools, scenry, sounds, airplanes, ect. for you. That way, everyone knows where their stuff have a thing where you click on a logo and it connects to the internet and then searches the entire net for new files or patches and asks you if you want to install them. Also have a search that searches the entire net for airplanes and stuff. Then, people can find what they want.

WEATHER - Where did the rain go? Did the world dry up? I think not! How about some rain, snow, ice, smog, haze, bugs, LIGHTNING, stones, dirt, and anything that hits the windsheids of planes! And also have it build up on the ground and have puddels of rain or ice that you have to stear around! and when you go over it, it splashes or stones fly up into your propeller and mess it up. Also, we need fluffy clouds and when you go through them, they look real, not just your screen turn white. Also, vortice's are a must. If pilots want to train on FS, they need to know about vortices. Also, the wind needs help. FS needs to make things react to the the planes takeoff on the right rwy and windsocks point in the right directions. Smoke goes in the right direction too and so does the rain!

SOUND - How about when dynamic aircraft go buy you actually hear them! And when you go buy a train, you hear it, and when you go by a bird, you hear it, and when you go by a lightning bolt, you hear it, and.....ok, ill stop. Also, the engines do get louder when you move the throttle up. Not mike said....MAKE THEM LOUD!!!!!!! Also, the sounds in fs are not very good. Make them better.

OTHER NOTES - Cockpits are not flat, fix this. Planes do not have paper thin wheels. Also, have real shut downs, including the Bell heli! Another thing, the lights at airports are not good. The lights should actually light up the runway or taxiway, ect... Lastly, how about some better capibility with the rudder pedals do not work well. When i want to yaw to the right, it yaws left! FIX THIS!!!!!!! Also, have the checklist in the box and like someone said...on a laminated sheet like the real thing!!! That would be cool! Then when people make airplanes, you can print out the checklist and just keep a stack of checklist. That would be cool.

Well, i hope i didn't bore you to was a long one but i think it points out some major idea's.

I probally forgot something so keep um comming! See ya!

Last changed: June 16, 1999